Human existance is determined my time

Bill Viola

The American video and installation artist, Bill Viola in one of the most popular artists in the world today. Significantly, at a time when an artist’s importance is often conferred by small groups of experts, Viola’s rich imagery touches a nerve with large international audience. His is an art of everyman; work that is profoundly spiritual and never afraid to make his big statement. That statement is often about human life and its relation to the universe, to the soul and human spirit, to nature and to death. Viola is one of those rare artists whose work makes us aware of out nature as human beings. He returns art to what were once its fundamental concerns.



Dissolution (2005)

I took a book from the library for some research(I never red it). ‘The art of Bill Viola’ edited by Chris Townsend. I was going to return it on a Monday. On my way to Uni, I opened it, for the first time and I saw an image. The next day I ordered the book from the internet and I red it all in a few days. Just because of that one image I saw in the bus. This is how I met Bill Viola.

So here it is:


The sleepers (1992)


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