What makes me happy?

Photo by Mat Smith (London based photographer)
  • Being nice to someone who bugs me
  • My adrenaline starting to pump at the thought of leaving work and going home
  • The inability to stop spelling the word “banana” after I’ve started
  • The feeling when I can’t wait to tell somebody something
  • Working too hard and getting paid for it
  • Finding a cafe, having o cup of mint tea and a snack, then organizing my bag and my agenda book
  • Stretching my legs and arms, yawning, and visualizing an ideal day before getting out of bed in the morning
  • Taking something off the grocery shelf, deciding I don’t want it and then putting it in another section
  • Searching out a piece of solitude and refreshing myself with the sound of absolutely nothing
  • Families that spend leisure hours together having a chance to grow and understand one another
  • Love: reaching, touching, caring, sharing sunshine, showers and flowers, happy hours together

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