Metro City Sentinel

Gangsters infest metro city streets

Giovanni ‘Don’ Moncinni a.k.a: Slugger Moncinni, The Diablo Don

Giovanni Moncinni was born 1872 in Sicily. Infamous for his notoriously brilliant and violent takeover of the four major territories, in what will forever be known as the New York’s blood banquet. Legend has is that Moncinni threw a dinner party for all the surrounding gang leaders on Dec. 31 1922, in the guise of New Year’s Eve celebration. Moncinni’s boys overwhelmed the protection of his associates. The boys then proceeded to lock the bosses in the dining room, guided by the point of Sparky Foreman’s gun. He retired each one of the bosses with his lucky baseball bat, while the other gang leaders watched. It is rumored that when he finished he sat down at his table, finished his meal and celebrated the New Year with his gang. In the wake of his vicious takeover Moncinni added to his already powerful organization, all the racketeering, bootlegging and protection business of his competitors and built the most powerful crime organization the country ever knew.


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