The runner [part 2]


I am truly grateful for everybody who helped me out.
It's always such a pleasure to work with people. 
Especially when they are all so different. 
Not too many of them (probably only 2) looked at the camera while on the treadmill. 
Some of them worked real hard, 
put so much effort into it and 
took things seriously. 
Some had music playing, 
some wore sporty bras, 
some had red noses, 
some were sweaty, 
some were not. 
I used my digital SLR, as recommended instead of the Sony HD. 
3 dedo lights made the scene nice and bright. 
I've got over 8GB of footage. 
The editing part is yet to come and just thinking about 
all the time I will have to spend in the AV Lab makes me quite depressed. 
But no, I'm excited. 
So much work to do. It'll keep my mind busy for a while. 
Final Cut will be a great challenge. 
Stu will help me out to start with, so I'm in good hands :)

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