Documenting subcultures. (Diane Arbus)

On Tuesday, together with Fiona and Sam, I went to a Diane Arbus
talk at the Art Gallery.Never been to anything like that
before and I was excessively excited!
I got the chance to find out quite a few interesting
facts about Arbus.
The ethical and political aspects of her work and her
perspectives on
art were discussed in a cultural and historical context.
The main focus was on the minorities, marginals
and the outsiders she's been working with.
Diane Arbus spent 8 years trying to know the
people she was photographing.
She tried to create strong relationships and the photos
became more and more intimate.
Her work caused lots of shock,
concern and controversy back in the 1960s.
Might be interesting to have a look at:
Club 82
The missing photographs
Mattachine Society
" I always thought of photography as a naughty thing
   to do-that was my favorite thing about it."
                                            Diane Arbus                                                                                         Diane Arbus
"Anybody Arbus photographed was a freak"
                                     Susan Sontag

Writer Susan Sontag with her Son, Davie, N.Y.C., 1965

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