On Saturday morning I will be taking the bus to London.
I had enough money to afford a return flight and I decided
to man up and travel for 13 hours to get to my destination.
It does sound a bit dramatic, but I'm sure I will find lots of things 
to do.
I'm planning to take a few books with me. A few movies on my Ipod, 
my camera,
lots of food and of course, I'll have my phone, so I will text everybody
I know and hope for some conversations to develop.
Time will fly by! I know it.
13 hours is 54.16666666666667 % of a whole day!
I will be spending that amount of time sitting on a seat in a crowded bus,
waiting for the next stop, so I can use the bathroom.
But of course there's always the motivation behind the effort!
At the end of the dark tunnel will be my mum, my dad and my
wee brother waiting.
And that's worth all the time in the world.
A few days after my departure,
Andrew will travel a shorter time but a much longer distance to get
to this place he still calls  home. I'm sure he is as excited as I am,
but he never shows it.

Another upcoming event is our 5 years anniversary.
After all the ups and downs, we still hold each others hand.
5 years.
Somewhere around 22.(72)% of my entire life I chose to spend with this 
But I guess time is not that important at the end of the day.
What really matters is... hm.. something else of course,
but I can't find the words just now.

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