arte te dar una intensivo dolor de cabeza!

Learning spanish and moving away from the city as soon as possible are my new ambitions.
I've been reading Roland Barthes in the last couple of days and yeh, the guy has some
strong opinions. "[...] looking at certain photographs, I wanted to be a primitive,
without culture."
We all feel like that at one point or another.It's just really hard to admit.

I've been trying to go back to the very beging of my research and reconnect with my
initial idea (which has been somehow lost on the way). I've been reading about
various theories regarding human inspiration. Here is what Sigmund Freud said: the
inspiration came out of unresolved psychological conflict or childhood trauma.
He saw artists as fundamentaly
special and fundamentaly wounded. So then, if you aren't wounded or fundamentaly special,
you're not considered an artist? Is it not about sudden creativity and
individual experiences?

Everything we do is a projection of our knowledge.
We constantly accumulate information, store it and transform it.
We all work in different ways. But we all have the same reasons.


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