Photographic and Electronic Media

Year 1

This year provides a diagnostic experience that ensures you can make an informed choice for specialist study in either Fine Art or Design and Craft. Projects introduce a range of fundamental skills such as research, development and critical reflection.

Year 2

During this year you will develop your understanding of the basic expressive and explorative possibilities of Photographic and Electronic Media through intensive projects, technical workshops, seminars, screenings, lectures, viewings and tutorials. Semester 1 covers a range of traditional and digital photographic projects and techniques whilst semester 2 concentrates on time-based imaging (digital video and audio).

Year 3

Here you begin to work with greater independence, underpinned by a strong theoretical grounding and understanding of contemporary visual practice. Projects continue to develop concerns specific to the area of Photographic and Electronic Media and offer new opportunities of exploration, authorship and distribution.

Year 4

During the Honours year, you work through an individually negotiated programme of study towards an independent practice. This will result in the presentation of a coherent body of work presented as a public exhibition at the end of the year. Final year study encompasses an extended essay which both informs and complements studio practice.


I remember looking at all this information 3 years ago! And here I am. In my honours year. Living in the present is almost impossible. 

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