I have an iPhone and I feel less human.

Technology makes me feel the same way I used to feel when cheating at Math exams back in high school. Not the right thing to do, but hey everybody else does it and it’s for a greater good, right?

Today, information travels with an overwhelming speed. You take a photo with your 8MP smartphone camera, quickly run it through an editing app you bought for a couple quid and you post it on your blog where the whole world can see it in NO time! I wondered for a second: How would I be able t explain this process to my 98 years old granny is she was still alive? I mean taking her to the local supermarket when it first open has been quite an event in her life.

We are selfish creatures and we will buy the iPhone even when we know that millions of people have nothing to eat for days. There is no way to fight progress and development. It’s meant to happen and we are all meant to follow the rules even if sometimes we take a second and pretend that we care about the simple moments of joy that come for free.


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